best autorefractor supplier in Asia

Know how to get the best autorefractor supplier in Asia

Autorefractor is a device that is being controlled by the computer. People are having the problems like myopia or hyperopia in their eyes this device is used to measure extends of error in the eye of the person. This provides you with the recommendation about the contact lenses and the glasses that will suit the patients the best.

Earlier retinoscopy was the baseline and a good technique that is used to check the eye diagnosis, but because of the advancement of the technology, there are various better devices made which are not only easy to use but also offer you with the best prescriptions.

Having an autorefractor is one of the plus for the optometrists as eyes are known as one of the most dedicated organs of the human body. Eyes are known to be intricately clustered of blood vessels, various soft tissues, muscles and nerves which help the person to see and is said to be the most important part of a human sense organ. Eyes provide you with the sight so that you can see everything; therefore they need to be perfect at all times.

As people need perfection for their vision, therefore there are various optometrists who are looking for things that can help them in getting the best prescription for their patient’s eyes. Autorefractor makes this possible now.

What is auto refractor all about?

Autorefractor is a computerized device that is being used by the optometrists to determine the eye vision and provide them with the best prescription in their eyes. This will help you in getting the minute description and helps you in measuring the light about how it travels through your eyeballs. This provides you with the baseline so that the optometrists can get the correct lenses and eye glasses for their patient’s eyes.

The autorefractor these days are in great demand by the optometrists as they are accurate and quick to use and are painless. They provide you with the accurate data with more precise form as compared to the other refractor. These autorefractors are potable as it will be easy for you to get them wherever you go.

Know the working of an autorefractor?

The light is being passed by the autorefractor in the eyes of the person, and then it is measured. They measure how the light changes and to know how the light enters the eyes and how it bounces back. While examining the eye, the patient is being given an image that is being moved forward and backward. In the process, they measure the reflection, and they determine the eyes. All the figures are then put together so that the optometrist knows the correction that is to done and the type of lenses and glasses that the person requires.

There are best autorefractor suppliers in Asia that provides you in giving best services. They determine the shape of the cornea, and they provide you with the best prescription. To determine the cornea shape is the most for the problems like astigmatism and corneal.

Some of the uses of autorefractor

In various centers, it is being used by the optometrist so that they can provide them with a starting point to do the reflection test. Various lenses are being put in and out of a phoropter and then the person suffering from the problem is asked to look, and the better the person can see through the lenses be being suggested. This helps in getting the best prescription for the person having vision-related problems.

This autorefractor is very useful for the people dealing with non-communicative people like children’s and people having disabilities. Let’s know some of the techniques of autorefractor.

What are the techniques of autorefractor?

The autorefractors helps you in calculating the correct vision of the patients by using the sensor so that they can cone the infrared light. The size and the size of the ring that looks back of the retina is determined the reflection. The device helps you in determining the patient’s eyes and the focus on the images. Its enlargement of the image is being taken with the instrument till it comes into the focus.  This focus is being repeated for three times, and then they calculate the refraction of the eyes.

What is the need of autorefractors?

The main need for this device is that provides you with the accurate result, is reasonable and offers great speed. This is the reason people it is in great demand. The device offers you with unbelievable and reputable data so that the patients can be suggested with the best lenses and glasses. They also provide you with certain information that is not provided with the conventional autorefractor.

The basic elements that autorefractors consist of are 

  • Infrared sources
  • Fixation
  • badal optometer

What are the basic features that one should consider while looking for an autorefractor?

The main goals for which the people are using the autorefractor depend on the goals and what you want to achieve. But now here are some of the best things that you should know before you suggest buying an autorefractor. There are various best autorefractor suppliers in Asia, but you have to choose the best according to the requirements. Some of the features that you should look for getting the autorefractor are:

  • Make are it works manually and automatically both.
  • The performance of the device.
  • The accuracy of the device.
  • Know how the data is refractive with the EMR system.
  • Speed of the device in the measurement and how easily it accommodates.


So here is all about how to get the best auto refractor supplier in Asia. These devices will offer you with great exceptional services and are also less expensive. So, if you are optometrists and are looking for the best proficiency than having the autorefractor can solve all your issues. It will provide you with the best results that can help the optometrists in suggesting suitable lenses and glasses for their patients.


All about the autorefractors

All about the autorefractors and the Top five favorite best autorefractor

Our eyes are the most special organ of our body, and their importance is really needless to mention. We will not be able to see any beauty in the world without them. However, the bad news is that due to the harmful elements in the environment and growing rate of dangerous diseases, the threat to our eyes has increased. With every problem there comes a solution and today the biggest solution to find any problem in the eye is with the help of autorefractor. If you are an eye specialist and want to make your treatment and diagnosis process easy, then this device is a must have for you.

This machine will not only help you to examine the patient’s eyes thoroughly, but you can also perform various tests with its help. Here, is all the information regarding this device that will help you understand it better.

Definition of an Autorefractor

An autorefractor is also known as an automatic refractor. It is a computer controlled machine which is used by the eye doctors for an eye examination. This machine provides an objective measurement of the refractive error of a person’s eye. It also helps in the prescription of the glass or contact lenses for the eye. The device is not a new invention as it was used since the 70’s by eye specialist but today the machines is more advanced and technologically sound than before. It checks the way an eye processes light so that the specialist can carry out the treatment accordingly.

If you are feeling that you need a vision correction, then it is very important to determine how much correction your eyes need. With the help of autorefractor, you will be able to get the correct measurement from which your eye has to be treated. It is the best device to find out the number of your glasses or lenses.

Which technique makes the autorefractor the best?

The thing which makes this device a must have is the technology used in it. The technology of this device calculates the accurate vision correction needed by a patient. It uses sensors that sense the reflections from the cone of infrared light, and these refractions are then used to determine the size and shape of the ring in retina present at the back of the eye. By this, the device can determine the zone in which the patient’s eye can focus on the image. The magnification keeps changing in the device till the time image comes into focus and the process is repeated at least three time meridians of the eye.

With the help of this technology, the autorefractor is able to calculate the refraction of the eye, its sphere, cylinder and the axis. It can also be said that the modern and advanced refractors are based on the idea of the medina.

Know the procedure of eye test with the autorefractor

For the testing, you will have to sit in a chair present in the diagnostic or examination room. Your head will be placed in front of the machine with your chin resting upon it. After the position of your eye is set right, the examiner will ask you to look in various directions so that your eye can be examined from all the directions. Your eye will be focused on various images so that your vision can be corrected in the right manner. The entire process of this test is very simple and completely painless. It will take only a few minutes to conduct the test, and the results are also available instantly.

Why is the autorefractor testing so important?

This machine has always been helpful for the doctors to determine the correct need of a patient’s eye. With time the technology has also increased, and the modern auto refractors have become more advanced and easy to use. They are efficient in giving accurate results and also help in saving a lot of time during eye examinations. They do all the work right from testing to showing the result which makes it convenient for the doctor as well as the patient. The entire process is painless and safe and therefore can be used with children as well as elderly people too. There are various advantages of this device, and this is the reason it is important as well as convenient to carry out eye testing with its help.

Types of auto refractors

There are various types of refractors available for different needs and situations. All of the types of refractors have something different to offer, and each one makes it easier for the patient as well as the eye specialist. The better the technology, better and easier it will be to examine the eye and give accurate results. There various types of autorefractors available in various brands and compositions but the nidek tonoref III autoref/kerato/tonomete are the best among all of them. It is accounted among the top five favorite best autorefractor available for eye testing and is known to give the best result.

The company which manufactured this device is one of the leaders in the field of making and designing of the devices. The best thing about the nidek tonoref III autoref/kerato/tonomete is that it has a very compact and light weight design which is easy to carry and place. Multiple measurements can be performed with the help of this device, and it is known for its high accuracy and instant results. The product is worth a try, and its specifications and compositions have made it stand in the top five favorite best autorefractor.

Where can you get the device?

You can buy the device directly from the manufacturer as it will give you more assurance of the reliability of the device. However, if you are not able to reach out to the manufacturer, then you can buy it from the wholesalers as well. Nowadays, various companies and manufacturers have come online and are marketing as well as selling their products over the online store. You can select the one which you want by making a brief study about the device and its prices. Hope you now know everything about the autorefractor.




Optos Daytona product that changes your work

What are the uses of Optos Daytona products?

Optos provides you the advance “next generation” imaging device which provides you the exact retinal images with ultra-wide field pictures. The products of Daytona provide you their wide range of benefits and all at the reasonable prices. They are also enabling to your budget-conscious benefits along with the wellness of the patient and his/her wellness of their health. They also show you the views of their image and their modalities too. The most accurate and positive results of and your life too.


Optos Daytona products enable the eye care professionals where they discover, diagnose, maintaining documents and also treat their ocular pathology. These products are firstly used in the periphery pathology which may not properly work on the traditional examine methodology using all the old age equipment and techniques. Using all the previous time examination methods and equipment did not provide the exact results.

But with the use of UWF products of optos Daytona they got more clear pictures in a single capture. These products provide you the retinal images with the high resolution up to 80% than the previous ones. The products of this company are manufactured with the ultra wide field imaging system. All the products of the company of Optos are manufactured with the use of highly advanced technology to provide you the best retinal images from the market.

Benefits of Daytona:

Here, we are going to share that how optos Daytona product that changes your work?  To know this must read this article up to end with the complete benefits-

  • They offer you the unparalleled images of your retina for the exact examination of the patient.
  • They also provide you the 82% or 200-degree correct image of your retina.
  • Simultaneously provide you the views of periphery, mid-periphery and central pole.
  • All the products are manufactured with advanced techniques of integrated software, and hardware’s on their devices.
  • The main benefits of this multiple images of retinal views of modalities to start seeing the more clear views.
  • The result of this product helps you to discover more detailing of your retina where they can provide you the best result in the examination of their patient.

This product helps their patient and their treatment and even the exact result of this product also useful in pathologies with more effectiveness. Apart the results, more than 400 papers were published about its clinical trials and case studies with the testimonials. These clear images show them the long-term result of these images which is used in the treatment planning, diagnosis, patient engagement, and much more.

Technical specification:

Now, we are going to tell you about the technical specifications of this product. Daytona products are the combination of advanced technical software and hardware.

  • Image modalities: we are talking about the image modalities of this product then this product can contain two composite options – one is optomap color, and another one is the optomap plus, in this, they contain two color lights like the green laser and red color laser. The composite color view also provides you the clear views of the retina with the perfect use of green and red lasers in it. In this product, auto-fluorescence options available in it.
  • Resolution: in this product, you get two versions one is optomap color, and another one is optomap -plus. The optomap color contains 20 micro units and optomap plus contains 14 micro units.
  • Wavelengths: The wavelengths of this product, varies accordingly their color like the red laser is of 635 nm and green laser with 532 nm.
  • Exposure time: The exposure time of this product is less than 0.4 seconds to capture the clear retina images.
  • Footprint and weight: The footprint of this product- width: 440 mm/18 in and depth 500 mm/20 in and height 795 mm/ 32 in and weight 28 kgs/62 lbs.
  • Table space requirements: Width- 900 mm/36 in and depth 600 mm/24 in.
  • Colors: This product provides you the wide variety of colors.
  • Laser classes: The laser class contains laser safety class-1 with the following of EN60825 with the combination of red and green lasers and along with this 100-120V and the maximum 500W power consumption.

Daytona products can help you to your eye retina which is placed on the back side of the eye. If you feel that your blood vessels cannot work properly then with the use of this product, you can easily see the retina, and it’s detailing in a clear laser image. In addition, to the retina condition of your eye, it can also provide you the information of other diseases which cause the retinal disorder. In the list of this, this problem can include the major issues like heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension, and much more.

The early signs of these diseases can be easily shown on the retina of your eyes, and these issues can also change the vision of your eyes, and along with this these medical issues also gives you the pain. Directly screening of your retina is quite critical to examine that you eyes are healthy or not. Normal examination of eyes basically includes looking at the front of your eyes o examine your health and to suggest you the prescriptions, accordingly.

Daytona image:

The Daytona images are captured under high-resolution devices. To get a Daytona image is quite fast and painless process. This process is painless and comfortable for the patient because doctors can provide you the facility to not to touch eyes for the examination. For your examination, you can simply look directly into the device but one eye at the time. Then, you can see the flash of lights in the machine, and this can record the different positions of your retina and record them to produce the accurate results.

At the time, when you are looking in the machine it can capture the images of the retina. Under normal conditions of your retina patient need not the drops of the dilation drops but according to your eyes condition, dilation drops need 1-2 seconds to dilute properly.

Use of the optos Daytona product that changes your work as it is beneficial to use for your eyes.




About icare ic 100 tonometer

Eye care professionals conduct the test to measure the fluid pressure called as the intraocular pressure inside the eye. Patients those are at risk of glaucoma have to undergo this test.  Glaucoma is a disease that causes blindness. It affects the optic nerve of the eye causing damage to it. This damage is done by fluid that builds ups in the eye. Tonometer is a device that is used to measure the intraocular pressure. It measures the resistance of cornea to pressure.

Many different methods are used to measure the intraocular pressure. Some of these methods are the electronic indentation, rebound, pneumatonometry, applanation, etc. many devices are designed that works on one of these methods. One such device is icare ic 100 that is the most demanded icare tonometer in 2018.

About Icare ic 100

Icare ic 100 is a product for every eye care professionals designed on a new measuring principle. The device does not require specialized skills to use it. It’s new design and has good user interface is going to make a new level in IOP measuring. It is the new member of the family of tonometer. Its predecessors are Icare TA01i and ic100. It has received CE certification and worked on rebound technology. The device makes contact with the cornea for a moment to measure the pressure inside the eye.

It measures or evaluates contact time, various motion parameters, deceleration as soon as it comes in contact with the cornea. The state-of-art software is coupled with the device to evaluate the measurements.

Parts of tonometer:

  • Probe base
  • Collar’
  • Forehead support
  • Measure button’
  • Select button
  • Navigation button
  • Forehead support adjusting wheel
  • display

The key features of Icare ic100 are:

  • AMS: It has automatic measuring sequence series. The device runs in single mode and can be operated with the single button.
  • Easy navigation: It uses advanced navigation interface
  • Easy pos: It has intelligent positioning assistant.

Icare ic 100 works on rebound technology.

About technology

The technology runs on rebound measuring principle. The device has the lightweight probe that is used to measure the parameters. The motion parameters are measured by coil system that is an induction based system. The software is used to analyze the parameters. The software runs on an advanced algorithm.  Parameters like contact time and deceleration change with the IOP. For example, the contact time will be short if IOP is high and probe decelerates fast.

Since, icare ic 100 use this technology thus it requires less maintenance, regular service or calibration. The probe base should be replaced annually and cleaned in every six months. Cleaning the probe base is easy and can be easily understood from the user manual.

Icare ic 100 Description

The device is portable and handheld. No need to use local anesthesia before using icare ic 100. It has adjustable forehead support, a container, and spare probe base. The probes offered by it are disposable and can be used for a single patient. Change the probe for another patient. Additional accessories are also supplied with it. Accessories include USB cable, memory stick, and software.

The software records the data of a patient and can display the same on the computer screen. Data can be easily transferred, analyzed and record from the device to the computer to view the patient’s report. Approximate dimension of icare ic 100 is 215x95x29 mm. Its approx weight is 230 g including the weight of batteries. It has 128×128 pixel OLED display. It can store data over 1000 readings.

It can measure accurate readings of the patients in two different positions that are standing or sitting. If the position of a device is incorrect, then it shows a red light on probe whereas in the correct position a green light is shown. No need to select manually when used with either left eye or right eye. A probe base has a wire pin. The tonometer runs on 4 AA batteries that are non-rechargeable.

How to use?

Switch on the device using the main button. A patient should be positioned appropriately either in standing or sitting position. Ask the person to look straight and bring the tonometer closer to the eye. Place the probe perpendicular. Place the probe tip at distance of 4-8 mm from the cornea. Ensure the position of a probe by adjusting the wheel that will move the forehead support.

The measurement is based on 6 readings taken individually. To take the individual IOP measurement, press the button. The icare ic 100 tonometer has series mode means it can take all the 6 readings on pressing the button only once. The button should be pressed down, and it will automatically take the measurements. The final result of the measures is the average reading, and high and low readings are discarded. A beep sound is released after each analysis. During the process, the probe moves toward the cornea and come back to its original position.  Results are then displayed on the screen.

Where can it be used?

In all healthcare settings whether it is primary, secondary or tertiary icare ic 100 tonometer can be used by the ophthalmologists. No additional skills are required to use the device however a user manual is offered with the product to guide the user about its use.

It is intended for the screening of glaucoma and in the diagnosis process. A single probe is used for the measurements, and hence it can be used without the fear of contamination. The part of tonometer is not made with latex. It is thus most demanded icare tonometer in 2018. It can be used on those experiencing symptoms like tunnel vision, blurred vision, severe eye pain, reddening of an eye, halos around lights and loss of peripheral vision. These symptoms are signs of glaucoma.


The person was having a family history of those suffering from glaucoma, diabetes, hypothyroidism and other chronic eye conditions also need tonometry test. Those having near sight or using corticosteroid medications from long also need it. The condition is most common in elderly people, and thus icare ic 100 tonometer is an essential and most demanded icare tonometer in 2018. Since it is CE marked therefore can be used without any doubts.